What School Jazz Programs Teach Us About Learning

Published: Jan 23, 2020  |   Category: motivation, learning, practicing, performing, benefits

Six key principles for effective learning.   .....Read More

Five Intrinsic Perks of Music

Published: Jan 23, 2020  |   Category: motivation, learning, benefits

Music training doesn't just offer musical benefit   .....Read More

Our Musical Brains

Published: Jan 23, 2017  |   Category: motivation, learning, practicing

We humans love our music. Americans on average listen to four hours of music per day. Around the globe, people consistently rank music as one of life’s top pleasures and sources of emotional support. Yet, surprisingly, neuroscientists understand relatively little about how our brain pr.....Read More

Learning over time

Published: Nov 3, 2015  |   Category: motivation, learning, practicing, performing

     Daily practice can at times feel like a burden. Often, a beginning musician feels as if he or she is making little or no progress. This feeling is normal, as musical development is like a savings account—it takes a while to see any growth. Parents need to remind their young musicians that progress is often too slow to recognise. "It doesn't matter if it feels like you're not getting any.....Read More

Three things to consider when your child begins the journey into music

Published: Oct 20, 2015  |   Category: motivation

“You are allowed to fail, and you will become better because of your failures.” .....Read More