Correcting Errors In Our Playing

Published: Nov 4, 2015  |   Category: learning, practicing

We make mistakes when we play music. One thing that separates an average player from an accomplished musician is the ability to identify and correct errors. To do so, the player can follow these Four I’s of error correction:

• Identify
• Isolate
• Iterate
• Integrate

Identify: this is the listening step. The error may be obvious or subtle.

Isolate: remove the trouble area from the music around it, and determine how to correct it.

Iterate: repeat the corrected version until it requires little effort.

Integrate: put the corrected version back into the music and seam it together by starting at a point in the music just before and continuing to a point just after it.

A metronome is an excellent tool to use with the Four I’s. Choose a tempo slow enough to allow you to play the phrase correctly the first time, then gradually increase it (in increments of two beats per minute, for example) until performance tempo is reached. Click to download a printable copy.

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